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  1. Thanks! It doesn't seem to fill the whole width of the website. It helped with the space in between the boxes, but I wanted it to fill out that whole area. And I can't figure out why the word "Address" in the blue image box keeps going to the next line. Thanks for your time!
  2. Hi, It's on the duplicate website. When you view it on mobile you can see the top of it https://seabass-magnolia-xm7l.squarespace.com Password: Peanuts
  3. Thanks! That helps with mobile. But the width is still much wider than the words on each end. For desktop and mobile
  4. Actually it's on this duplicate website now https://seabass-magnolia-xm7l.squarespace.com/drop-off-service Password is still Peanuts
  5. I have the blocks on there. Thanks!! I also don't know how to get "Address" that's on the blue image block to go to the line above. Squarespace support isn't sure why it's doing that. It adjusts to the line below with the address. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! https://www.mesaplazalaundromat.com/drop-off-service
  6. But I don't want it to cover up the "Plaza Laundromat copywrite" on the bottom. I want that part to stay white.
  7. Here's the duplicated site url https://seabass-magnolia-xm7l.squarespace.com Password is Peanuts. Footer image is on there. I need it to overlap the end of the footer to see the waves.
  8. I just need to figure out how to make the width of the box closer to the words. And make the mobile width smaller too
  9. Site URL: https://www.mesaplazalaundromat.com/ Hi there, I'm having trouble figuring out how to put a square size map block next to an image block with no space in between. I'm going to make the image block a color, so the edges of the map and the image block have to match up perfectly and both full-bleed to the edges of the site. All the code I find is to make a split-screen with an image card, but nothing with the map. Pleasee help! Password to site is "Peanuts"
  10. Nevermind the website is https://www.mesaplazalaundromat.com/ But I removed the footer for right now because I'm going to go live soon. I still want to change it though.
  11. I figured out how to get the markdown centered. I just put this: <center> <all other styling> </all other styling> </center> before and after the rest. but I still need help with the other question.
  12. Site URL: https://plaza-square.squarespace.com/ Hi there, I'm trying to center align this markdown box that I have in the header of my pages. I added this code to CSS for the box around the words: .boxBorder { border: 2px solid #deebf7; padding: 10px; outline: #deebf7 solid 2px; outline-offset: 5px; } And this code in the markdown box: <h1> <div class="boxBorder"> <div style="text-align:center" > FULL-SERVICE LAUNDRY </div> but I the box and words inside are not centered in this header image and I'm not sure why. It's slightly lower. I am also trying to get the box to be closer to the words on the left and right, rather than take up that whole empty space. Thanks for anyones help! Also, the password to get into the site is "Peanuts" without the quotation marks. I also attached a picture if you for some reason can't get into the site.
  13. If you click on this link it'll send you to an "under construction" page and just put in the password "Peanuts" without the quotation marks.
  14. Hi there! I created the password "Peanuts". Thanks for your time!
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