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  1. Hey thanks so much that worked perfect! Thanks again for your help I appreciate it very much 🙂
  2. Site URL: https://www.euphonichealth.com Hello, Is it possible to centre the social media icons on the mobile menu for the brine template? I have the following code to centre the menu but the icons are still staying adjusted to the left? .Mobile-overlay-nav-item, .Mobile-overlay-folder-item { text-align: center; } Thanks, Patrick
  3. Hey thanks so much for helping me with this! Do you have some sort of donation/PayPal link where I can contribute? I noticed the buttons at the bottom are also pushed over to the right. Is there a way to centre these too? Thanks again for your help it is very much appreciated. Patrick
  4. Site URL: https://www.euphonichealth.com Hello, I am having issues with the following pages when viewing my site on a tablet; https://www.euphonichealth.com/coaching-enquiry-form - text at the top of the pricing table is getting pushed to the right. Is it possible to centre this as it is on mobile and desktop? https://www.euphonichealth.com/coaching - In the section titled 'who is it for?' (https://www.euphonichealth.com/who-is-it-for) the text is bleeding out of the black box. Is there a way to reduce the font size just for tablet to make it fit? Thanks in advance, Patrick
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