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  1. That worked - thanks! This is a nice combo as it will allow us messaging in the top bar, but provide victims (I think) a more obvious big button to push no matter the page they are on. Appreciate your help! Here is a photo of all the code used in code injection for the next person reading the thread in it's entirety. 🙂
  2. Yes, sorry, I had to pivot for the client so they didn't get confused. I changed the button to a donate button. But for example, lets say I wanted to use that donate button in the header? Can you use javascript like that on a button?
  3. Great minds! 🙂 And it worked! Thank you so much! Bonus question if I may, since you both are rock stars and responded so quickly! If I wanted to apply this same function to the button on my header (Leave this website button) - is there a way I can assign an CSS ID to that button to have this same functionality work on that button? If not no big deal, I can make the added bar work. But wondered if there was a simple way to target that specific button.
  4. @creedon @paul2009 - I have read this thread 100 times and still can't get this to work correctly on our site, but would love some assistance. This is the link : https://www.empowernowproject.org/ (pw: 84532) I followed Inscape's info exactly: 1. I added the text "quick exit" to a code block in my footer. 2. Add the custom css to design > custom css (and successfully changed styling a bit) 3. Added the code below to settings > advanced > code injection > header <script> $(document).ready(function(){ $("#quick-exit").on("click", function() { window.open("http://weather.com", "_newtab"); window.location.replace('http://google.com'); }); }); </script> But... nothing happens - no click function. 😞 What am I missing??
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