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  1. Site URL: https://cardioid-roadrunner-npdk.squarespace.com/ https://cardioid-roadrunner-npdk.squarespace.com/ My temporary site password is Jazz4604% I am building my site out, and have a question re the List sections. On the FAQ page, I would like to make the blue cards (below the FAQs) smaller (narrower). I managed to do this via CSS, but then they were skewed to the left. How would I make them narrower (ie. the size as if there were 3 columns), but then have them centered? Thanks!
  2. @tuanphan - for SEO purposes - I already have the h2 above it (My Services) - these are subsections.
  3. @bangank36 oh yes 🙂 It's https://cardioid-roadrunner-npdk.squarespace.com/, password Jazz4604%
  4. @bangank36- thanks for your message! My site isn't live, so can't share it, but it's the item titles within these cards that I would like to change to h3
  5. I would like to change the header tag on the item titles within the List sections from an h2 to an h3. SS have told me the only way to do this is with a code-based customization. Can anyone point me in the right direction of how I could do this? I have a low level of coding knowledge, so need a little handholding. Many thanks!
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