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  1. Thanks Tuan, this works. How do we edit the "BACK TO ALL EVENTS" to "BACK TO ALL NEWS" Please let me know. I appreciate your help...
  2. Hi Tuan, I tried the CSS but it leaves a dash in place of time, please help: https://rovr.systems/news/cabin-fever-solved Also, time is still visible on some news pages e.g. https://rovr.systems/news/2020/10/1/virtual-reality-allows-bankers-to-get-back-out-on-the-trade-floor For the "Back to all news", I am still on the Professional Plan, this was the previous "business plan". I look forward to your reply.
  3. Hi Tuan, you have been so helpful to the community. I have a slight issue with my News pages because I used the events function provided by the Bryant template. Please are you able to advise on how I can remove "time" on each news page and change "Back to all events" to "Back to all news" instead? The website is: https://rovr.systems/news/cabin-fever-solved
  4. Hello, I would like the icons on the home page of my website be stacked in twos or threes in mobile view https://rovr.systems Please help if possible Desktop View Mobile View
  5. This worked brilliantly. Thanks tuanphan
  6. Thanks so much for the reply. I have not published the site yet but it's the problem with the current site (Bedford Template), link below: www.rovr.systems Please let me know if you can help with a code.
  7. Hi tried this code but it doesn't seem to work for the Bryant template to extend the Footer width so its the same as the header. Please help if you can
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