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  1. Site URL: http://uplan.io Hi everyone, I have been trying to make a number counter with a codeblock to show our page's visitors how many "app users" and "project made" we currently have. The problem I ran into is that when I put a background picture, for example a darkish blue, the number turns black all the time. I checked the coding and it says that it is white, but it displays black. Can someone please help with a code or another solution? Of course a mobile compatible would be great. I used a jquery number counter coding and I would be thankful for the help. Here is the coding: <h1>JQUERY NUMBER ANIMATION</h1> <h3>jQuery counter to count up to a target number</h3> <div class="wrapper"> <div class="counter col_fourth"> <i class="fa fa-code fa-2x"></i> <h2 class="timer count-title count-number" data-to="300" data-speed="1500"></h2> <p class="count-text ">SomeText GoesHere</p> </div> <div class="counter col_fourth"> <i class="fa fa-coffee fa-2x"></i> <h2 class="timer count-title count-number" data-to="1700" data-speed="1500"></h2> <p class="count-text ">SomeText GoesHere</p> </div> <div class="counter col_fourth"> <i class="fa fa-lightbulb-o fa-2x"></i> <h2 class="timer count-title count-number" data-to="11900" data-speed="1500"></h2> <p class="count-text ">SomeText GoesHere</p> </div> <div class="counter col_fourth end"> <i class="fa fa-bug fa-2x"></i> <h2 class="timer count-title count-number" data-to="157" data-speed="1500"></h2> <p class="count-text ">SomeText GoesHere</p> </div> </div> <style> .col_half { width: 49%; } .col_third { width: 32%; } .col_fourth { width: 23.5%; } .col_fifth { width: 18.4%; } .col_sixth { width: 15%; } .col_three_fourth { width: 74.5%;} .col_twothird{ width: 66%;} .col_half, .col_third, .col_twothird, .col_fourth, .col_three_fourth, .col_fifth{ position: relative; display:inline; display: inline-block; float: left; margin-right: 2%; margin-bottom: 20px; } .end { margin-right: 0 !important; } /* Column Grids End */ .wrapper { width: 980px; margin: 30px auto; position: relative;} .counter { background-color: #ffffff; padding: 20px 0; border-radius: 5px;} .count-title { font-size: 40px; font-weight: normal; margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 0; text-align: center; } .count-text { font-size: 13px; font-weight: normal; margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 0; text-align: center; } .fa-2x { margin: 0 auto; float: none; display: table; color: #4ad1e5; } </style> <script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.5.0/jquery.min.js"></script> <script> (function ($) { $.fn.countTo = function (options) { options = options || {}; return $(this).each(function () { // set options for current element var settings = $.extend({}, $.fn.countTo.defaults, { from: $(this).data('from'), to: $(this).data('to'), speed: $(this).data('speed'), refreshInterval: $(this).data('refresh-interval'), decimals: $(this).data('decimals') }, options); // how many times to update the value, and how much to increment the value on each update var loops = Math.ceil(settings.speed / settings.refreshInterval), increment = (settings.to - settings.from) / loops; // references & variables that will change with each update var self = this, $self = $(this), loopCount = 0, value = settings.from, data = $self.data('countTo') || {}; $self.data('countTo', data); // if an existing interval can be found, clear it first if (data.interval) { clearInterval(data.interval); } data.interval = setInterval(updateTimer, settings.refreshInterval); // initialize the element with the starting value render(value); function updateTimer() { value += increment; loopCount++; render(value); if (typeof(settings.onUpdate) == 'function') { settings.onUpdate.call(self, value); } if (loopCount >= loops) { // remove the interval $self.removeData('countTo'); clearInterval(data.interval); value = settings.to; if (typeof(settings.onComplete) == 'function') { settings.onComplete.call(self, value); } } } function render(value) { var formattedValue = settings.formatter.call(self, value, settings); $self.html(formattedValue); } }); }; $.fn.countTo.defaults = { from: 0, // the number the element should start at to: 0, // the number the element should end at speed: 1000, // how long it should take to count between the target numbers refreshInterval: 100, // how often the element should be updated decimals: 0, // the number of decimal places to show formatter: formatter, // handler for formatting the value before rendering onUpdate: null, // callback method for every time the element is updated onComplete: null // callback method for when the element finishes updating }; function formatter(value, settings) { return value.toFixed(settings.decimals); } }(jQuery)); jQuery(function ($) { // custom formatting example $('.count-number').data('countToOptions', { formatter: function (value, options) { return value.toFixed(options.decimals).replace(/\B(?=(?:\d{3})+(?!\d))/g, ','); } }); // start all the timers $('.timer').each(count); function count(options) { var $this = $(this); options = $.extend({}, options || {}, $this.data('countToOptions') || {}); $this.countTo(options); } }); </script>
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