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  1. Hi @tuanphan thank you for your reply. What we would like to achieve is a single website that has scrolling through posts, that also updates the sidebar menu as you scroll. And also have the ability to click said sidebar menu to jump to any part of the page. Cheers, Ash
  2. Hi! So I'm working on a website, and I have another website that I would like to replicate a feature of. That website: https://www.hierarchy.co.nz/ That feature: Sidebar navigation that updates your location as the main page is scrolled, and naturally also offers jump to position. Full disclosure I'm new to this, so any input in to the correct way to do the content in the main page to make this work would be greatly appreciated. So far I've been playing with folders/blog posts/feature pages etc to learn the ins and outs. Currently using Supply template. Happy to change, but ideally a similar flow to the above website is the desired result. Cheers 🙂 Ash
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