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    AsiaForum reacted to Dave415 in Export email opened list   
    I talked with Square Space about this every issue and lack of functionality. They are unresponsive. My group is ending our email campaign spending and taking our business elsewhere. 
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    AsiaForum reacted to backtothefuture in Export email opened list   
    Absolutely shameful that this is STILL not an option for clients.  Been asking for this feature myself for almost 3 years now.
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    AsiaForum reacted to thatdavidhopkins in Export email opened list   
    I'm not a SquareSpace expert, and I absolutely understood the question. All the other competitors have this feature. SquareSpace desperately needs to improve their email campaign offering.
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    AsiaForum reacted to situationlive in See SKUs on Order page or Search for sales based on SKUs   
    Thanks Paul2009.  Do you know of any plugins that might be able to do that? It seems bizarre to run a store on Squarespace without being able to see what has actually been purchased in realtime without having to download timebased CSVs and then sort them every time. 
    Thanks for your help!
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    AsiaForum reacted to Anthony_Richardson in Where 'Use Existing Gallery' in 7.1?   
    Hi there,
    I'm building a website in Squarespace 7.1 and I want to know if anyone has an answer for this. I'm looking to add a Gallery Block, and you're faced with two tabs, 'Upload Media' and 'Use Existing Gallery'. When I click on 'Use Existing Gallery', it says 'There are no collections'.
    How do I make a gallery collection so that it shows up when I try to add a Gallery Block?
    Thanks in advance
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    AsiaForum reacted to KristenRuthSmith in Video Carousel (7.1)   
    Are we still unable to do this in 7.1? My client wants a sliding gallery of videos on her site, so I need to find the code to make it happen. 
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    AsiaForum reacted to lh-design-07 in Cannot edit blog title   
    We're having this problem too - all of a sudden can't edit the title - it doesn't give you the option!
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    AsiaForum reacted to Angela1980 in Newsletter block last name field   
    HI everyone 
    I can't seem to find anywhere to remove the the last name field on the newsletter form block? I only want to ask for people's FIRST name and email, NOT their last name, and not just their email. There seems to be no option for this. Would this be a coding thing? I hope not.....
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    AsiaForum reacted to SnazzyView in Is there any way to delete the 'last name' box on a form?   
    Yes and no, you could achieve it with CSS but you would need to set the name field to make it not mandatory. If you would like to do this just enter the below into your websites global CSS.
    .last-name { display:none; } But if you want to just collect somebody's first name then I would just recommend using the text field instead and just calling it first name.
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    AsiaForum reacted to tuanphan in Want different logo on homepage than all other pages   
    To change logo on One Page, add this code to Page Settings > Advanced > Header
    <style> .header-title-logo img { visibility: hidden; } .header-title-logo a { background-image: url(https://beaverhero.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/coffee-beans-1082116_640-min.jpg); background-size: cover; background-repeat: no-repeat; } </style>  
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    AsiaForum reacted to paul2009 in Updating customer email   
    Unfortunately it is not possible to edit this information.
    This issue is included on my list of Commerce Limitations that I posted in 2018, and it has yet to be fixed.
    I recommend that you contact Squarespace by emailing privacy@squarespace.com to ask them to correct the information. I'll be interested to know how you get on, as accuracy of customer data is an important part of GDPR compliance.
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    AsiaForum reacted to aja in How to make same pages accessible for membership area   
    Site URL: https://freedomsupply.co
    I am setting up my members area. I have two payment options One Time Lifetime Access and Monthly Payment. 
    I want both memberships options to gain access to the same pages.  If I create pages under one, let's say the Monthly Payment option -How does the Lifetime Payment option members gain access to the pages created uneder the Monthly payment option. 
    I've created a homepage for the Lifetime Payment option members with links to the pages I've created under the Monthly Payment option. Was that enough? Will the Lifetime Payment options members have access to the content created under the Monthly Payment  option via that homepage?
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