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  1. As you can see from the Google Search Console for my website the past weeks, everything suddenly dropped, as well as I received messages from Google that all of my domains needed improvement due to CLS issues. Earlier this week I contacted Squarespace support and requested that they could provide me with an answer as to why even blank SS pages received CLS issues and poor rankings. The interesting thing is that only SS say that Google Pagespeed Insights are not optimized for the Squarespace CMS. But the fact is that the code of SS is messy and large compared to other CMS systems. And I argued that Google use their Search Console to penalize our websites, as they don't care that it's a CMS platform. So after several e-mail after I raged a bit about them sending my standard responses answering questions I never even asked, as well as them never actually answering my actual questions. They told me eventually after some supervisor answered me, that they would file a ticket to the developers (I don't know if they actually did it). BUT...now, some days later, my website is ranking better when it comes to the CLS issues, and my reports in Search Console are getting better. In this time I tried to disable Anchor ads, and remove ads from the top of my page without any change is the PageSpeed Insights. On the 23rd I activated the anchor ads again, and all of a sudden everything is looking to come back - Fingers Crossed!!
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