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  1. Hi Creedon! Just wanted to ask you a follow up question to the site customization that you helped me with (where you showed me how to add custom banners to different store pages. Everything is working great with one exception. I have 5 navigation links at the top of my page which each lead to a different page of the store, each with a custom banner. They all work perfectly except for Outdoor. It shows the correct image, however if you click on the Outdoor nav link 2 times in a row, the color style changes from white text --which it's supposed to be, to black text-- making it difficult to see since the image is mostly black. If you click again, it will turn white again, and so on and so forth. As I mentioned the other custom store backgrounds do not have this issue (the text is black for all of the other pages). The only page that is causing problems is the only page that has white text. Any ideas as to what could be causing this or how to fix it? The site again is foundationatelier.com and the password is 1235.
  2. Awesome , thanks for the reply Creedon. I'll test that out and keep you posted:)) thank you again
  3. Oh wow. I just noticed that actually when I view the site from another browser w/the passcode, it's showing up differently than I was seeing it by logging into the back end. So, it looks like the default image is showing only (not 2 banners as I am seeing on the back end). The issue is that it should change images when you go to Garden (which is a subcategory of Objects). Here's the url for that. https://www.foundationatelier.com/shop/objects/garden I tried this code <div data-category="garden"></div> I also tried it this way in case it needed to be different since it's a subcategory of another category (objects) <div data-category="objects/garden"></div> thanks again for your help with this:)) btw, how much do you think it would slow down the page if I were to for example have 8-10 different banners?
  4. Hi Creedon, thanks so much for the reply! I tried it and unfortunately I can't get it to work properly. I went to a store page and added 2 banner sections at the top (1 that would show when someone goes to the category(or subcategory technically garden) and 1 that would show when someone went to any other page. The result I'm getting though is that both banners are showing on every page. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I've never done code before ;(
  5. Hi Creedon! thanks for the reply. Site is foundationatelier.com pass is 1235. If you go to the main navigation drop down menu you can get to the pages I'm talking about. If you go to OBJECTS and then scroll down to Garden for example, I would like it to have a different background from the other store pages. I've made a workaround for this that's very close to what I'm trying to achieve. This can be accessed by going to OBJECTS and then clicking on Garden Workaround. For this, I created a new page and added my custom background. Then I added a summary block and set it to display only the items from the Garden category. This method works ok, the main visual difference being that the summary block doesn't extend as far right and left as the store pages do (there are larger margins of empty space with the summary block technique). With this said, another possible solution would be some code to get the summary page workaround to have the same margins as the store page. Do you have any advice on which technique would be easier? (#1 adding a custom image to different store pages OR #2 Using the workaround method and adjusting the margins?). I think I would prefer #1 because it seems like it could be less steps, but if #1 is too trick, then #2 could suffice. Thank you so much for you help with this, I really appreciate it!!! :))
  6. I can set a background image in my shop, but it's the same no matter what category/subcategory you're at in the shop. I'm looking to be able to put in a different image on a few of the subcategories... Is this possible? Is it a different process for a category vs a subcategory? Thanks:))
  7. This isn't a squarespace per se question, but many other ecommerce site have an option or a compatible plugin to allow a customer to download a product tear sheet (something that has photos of the item, spects of the item, company logo, contact info, etc.). As I mentioned I haven't found a compatible plug in to make this based off of the info that already exists in a squarespace product page. Does anyone know of a software or otherwise efficient way to create these for their products? As of now, I would be doing it in photoshop, which seems quite inefficient. I've attached an example of what I am looking to create. thanks,
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