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  1. Hi @bangank36 I tried that Custom CSS and it worked perfectly! It did just what I wanted it to do. Thanks so much for sharing that with me. Your quick code was the solution to a problem I was trying to fix on my own for days. hehe. Much appreciated!
  2. Sorry guys, I forgot I had a site wide password applied. I have removed the password lock. The website is not done, currently it's just this page, but it shows the images I want to make bigger when they go in to lightbox mode. Thanks for taking a look. https://www.celisian.com/
  3. Hi, I have a series of images I want to display as big as possible when they go into lightbox mode. The problem is that lightbox has this black padding/margin that prevents the images from being brought right up to the edge of the browser window. Is there a custom code I can use to reduce that margin to get it as close to the edge of the browser as possible? I include a screenshot of one of my images in lightbox and the pink outline is how big I would like the image to be, magnified so that it comes very close to the edge of the browser. if this isn't possible then is it possible to somehow get the image to magnify all the way to 1:1 to act like a loupe so you can see all fine details of the image? Thanks for any help on this guys
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