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  1. Hey @tuanphan! The video should autoplay but there's screenshots attached of the issues - the video is the second image down and you can see how it hangs off the edge of the screen in mobile view. The logo is the one I've added in the bottom nav – screenshots also attached of how it displays on desktop vs mobile. Any help much appreciated!
  2. Site URL: https://tambourine-apple-mx9f.squarespace.com/semc Hello! I've followed various bits of advice on here and got a video to auto play on a one of my site pages but in order for it to display properly on the desktop page I changed the width and height to values that are appropriate. This means that it displays absolutely huge on mobile and hangs off the edge of the screen. Is there some code I can use to adjust this and how can I stop this happening on other similar videos on other pages, when I upload them? Similarly I wanted to add a secondary logo in my footer which again displays huge on mobile. Is there a way to adjust this for mobile as the spacer modules don't display. Thanks in advance!
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