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  1. You are an absolute legend! Thank you so so much!
  2. Sure @tuanphan It's in the home page: https://www.the-village.uk/home The auto layout is the one with the title "What are we looking for" which doesn't have the description 🙂
  3. Within the layout, I cannot add a description as you can see in the image which read "The Village is not yet launched. We are looking for your support to make this project a reality." I would like to add it to the layout. I cannot add any block to the layout because it is auto... . If not possible adding the layout, I want to make it look exactly like above, without using the layout. See the differences in the images below. My attempt using blocks. The auto layout (does not have the descriptive text below the title). I have all the elements in my attempt (top) but it does not look as nice as the auto layout (bottom). So I would like to look the same but with a description.
  4. Site URL: https://www.the-village.uk Hi everyone, I am a big fan of the new auto layouts but I find the list of items limited. We cannot add a description under a title and I would like to do it... I tried to do something similar (above on the website), however it does not have the same bezazz. I tried to colour change all backgrounds/fonts but I end up with blocks touching each other and creating a large block of colour... Using spacers don't recreate the same look either. I am sure it exists a solution. Either by affecting the code of the auto layout or with some code to add to my blocks to recreate the look but I failed to find a solution so far. If you can help, it would be great! Page: https://www.the-village.uk/home section[data-section-id="60f69e0162cda9122b24831f"]
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