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  1. did anyon find a fix for this - I am getting this too now. Thanks!
  2. Thank you @bangank36for your great help - the code you recommended worked to display captions on the lightbox! THANK YOU 😄
  3. @bangank36 i replaced the code. Still not working. sorry if this is a stupid mistake 😦....
  4. @bangank36 see attached screenshot of lightbox css code in header section
  5. @bangank36 sorry but I still don't see any lightbox caption/text 🤷‍♂️
  6. @bangank36 sorry if I am missing the idea here 🙃 I tried inserting either of the two different code scripts you referenced in the CSS Code Injection Footer section but I could NOT get the captions to display like you did with the image of the red flowers and "milla" below the lightbox. Please can you reinsert the code in my website again and leave it there so I can see? Many thanks!
  7. both the sample images have Description text. Do I need to add another caption somewhere else too?
  8. I also need the ability to delete images. I initially uploaded all my portfolio photos as high resolution images - but the large files make the website too slow. I need to replace all images with lower res ones for faster page display. But I cant delete the first set of images. I'm going to have to sort through TWO of every image each time I want to select an image.
  9. @tuanphan @bangank36 here's my site pw . On my "Portfolio" page, I'm trying to get captions to appear below lightbox in bottom left corner: https://turtle-fish-48mt.squarespace.com/ pw: foto4321! thank you again!
  10. Thank you for your reply 🙂 Sorry my site isn't finalized yet so it isn't live/publicly accessible yet. sorry :[] I've attached screenshots instead. I created my site 2 weeks ago (June 2021) so I assume I'm using 7.1 . I have my photography portfolio in a Gallery - Grid: Masonry. I have entered Description text for each image. I have enabled Ligthbox. I have added I HAVE NO OTHER CUSTOM CODE ADDED. I'm trying to do the following: I want NO captions on the main gallery page (like now), but when I click an image, I want the lightbox to display with the caption (name of the model from the image Description text) for that image to show beneath the bottom left corner of the image. Make sense? Thank you so much!
  11. Hi 🙂 I'm also tryin to get captions on a Lightbox in 7.1 using Grid gallery. its driving me nuts. This is a long thread and I cant tell what specific css code to put in the code injection section. Can someone help? Many thanks!!
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