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  1. How do I apply question marks with a pop-up explanation text in a text, like squarespace does on their Prices page?
  2. It isn't public yet. We're working on a new business, but we're about to finalize it in a few days. We've tested the floating button in multiple places around our page, but it doesn't work well with the actual design. We love to have another question, to find the best way for our trouble. So what we have is two unlinked home pages. And what we really like to do, is to have one button on the right side of the header, but instead of a static button, we need it to change text and pointing direction depending on which landing you're on. So we want the button direct to the "Business Home Page" when you're on the "Individual Home Page" and vice-versa. I've attached some photos of the situation we're facing with. Hope that helps understanding my problem. Thanks for your awesome help!
  3. This one has worked out for me, and I was able to modify it towards my needs, but I'm just after one more thing. Can we make it hide in some degree towards the right side when we start scrolling, and then pop back out when someone hovers over it with the cursor? Or is it asking too much? 😄 Thanks for your answers!
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