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  1. Thanks @tuanphan I've emailed you there with that info. Much appreciated!
  2. Update: I did not solve it after all! I'm not able to share the link at this time, but are these screenshots helpful? I think it has to do with the custom section height or Section Wrapper Controller. I've tried a lot of different ways but it never seems to work automatically so that there is no vertical spacing at all in that section. Thanks very much again!
  3. Thank you, @tuanphan! I think I've solved this now but thanks again for your help 🙂
  4. Hi there! I am working up a trial site (so not available right now) and I have set up some CSS code for a full-width video player. It looks and works great, but has a little bit of padding on the top and bottom - despite setting that to 0px. See below: [data-section-id="60e4534485053e2e8634f482"]{ overflow-x: hidden !important; overflow-y: hidden !important; .content-wrapper { padding: 0px !important; margin: 0px auto; display: contents; } } #player { padding-bottom: 0px !important; padding-top: 0px !important; } It's an issue because the section below it is a different color so it stands out. And when I set the video section to that same color, it has the small line at the top. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
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