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  1. It has not. I dont know for some reason I tried to adjust the Gallery (one the left) size and it worked for a few days and now back to how it was before. There is now a big white space above the Reviews. I am not sure what is wrong now.
  2. Site URL: https://www.banyancanopy.com/shop-marketplace/p/organic-whole-leaf-burmese-green-tea- Sorry to bother you this way. I just started using Product Reviews and a customer recently left 2 store reviews. However, on product detail pages (please see the link below), 2 Reviews text is overlapping with Product Name. I am not an expert in CSS and have developed the website reading the Forum and wha other experts have explained in the forum. Could you please help me resolve this? https://www.banyancanopy.com/shop-marketplace/p/organic-whole-leaf-burmese-green-tea- I am using the following code to align the Product Title on the Right with Photo on the left. .ProductItem .ProductItem-details h1.ProductItem-details-title { padding-top: 0px; margin-top: -63px; I think if I can get the code to move the Product Review text above the Title, it will work fine. I just don't know how/where to point to move margin-top to move up. Thank you so much in advance.
  3. Site URL: https://www.banyancanopy.com/shop-accessories/technology Dear all, Hope my message finds you well and safe. I really need one more help with Category/Tag display in Store Pages. As you can see in the attached screenshots, I have 4 sub-categories under Accessories. When I want to display individual categories through links I have done the way in the screen shot. And the link as follow - https://www.banyancanopy.com/shop-accessories/technology However, when I click on the Link the "Technology" products show up first but it is followed by rest of the 127 products I have in the main store page. As you can see in the second screenshot, the Phone Cases are shown first but it is followed by Notebooks, Stickers, etc. How can I do it to change this so that when someone click on Technology Link, only products under Technology Category/Tag will be displayed in the Store page. Thank you so much in advance. David
  4. Social Icons just disappeared on my site also. Can you please share the code? www.banyancanopy.com Thanks.
  5. Site URL: https://www.banyancanopy.com/collaborations Hello. Is there a way to limit the number of products on a product page and instead have multiple pages? For example, if I have 200 products on a product page now can I do (or work around) with 50 products per page (total 4 pages), the attached example. I know about Lazy Summaries and I do not want to have that. I just want to have Product page to be on multiple pages instead of display all 200 products on a single page. Thanks in advance.
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