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  1. I did not realise that the header matched the background colour of the first section thanks. If I want my header to be a different colour to the background of my first section then what is the best practice to achieve this? Dan
  2. Site URL: https://danedits.co.uk/ Hello Everyone, The navigation menu / header appears different on pages when compared to my homepage - despite telling the squarespace edit tool otherwise. HOMEPAGE https://danedits.co.uk/ OTHER PAGE https://danedits.co.uk/my-work. By default, according to Squarespace edit tool, my header should be transparent until scroll then it turns black. This works on my homepage but the colour are different on other pages. Does anyone know why this is happening? Should I target the header on that specific page and style in using CSS? If so, does anyone know the code? Dan
  3. Thanks! I had a feeling and need confirmation. Also, I wasn't being patient enough. In both Chrome and Safari entering that code crops the image to 15vw. When I refresh the page Squarespace sorts it's self out and the images then respond to the code. Dan
  4. Site URL: https://danedits.squarespace.com Hello Everyone, I am trying to change the height of my gallery section reel using CSS. I realise you can do this using the Squarespace section edit tool, however the minimum height is too large for my use case. Would anyone be able to help me? I've tried a few different things using a few different CSS classes but I can't get it quite right. The gallery reel is the 2nd section down from my website header video. Dan
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