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  1. Thanks for the reply, is there another way of scheduling multiple Appointment types ie select X Adults + Y Children or A family by entering quantities for each by the client and book them once on a schedule and only make one payment. Using add-ons is so clunky and for classes it multiplies the add-ons by the quantity entered so not really ideal. I can see why people seem to rate scheduling as good for hairdressers; yoga and the like, but it does not seem to fit what I and others are looking for ...... unless I am missing something. Thank you in advance for your comments and speed of response.
  2. But how do you get the product add to cart button to include the product quantities selected in products added in the Additional info ?
  3. Hi i am looking for a process to add bookings (in Scheduling) for entry to a garden which may have multiple adults and children ( adult and child prices are different ) for the same booking, how can I do this? In addition the customer above may want to book a guided tour for the same date for the same number of people - again how do we achieve this. So the process would be Select Date / Enter number as per per attachements / select time, but the entry could be in a different order
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