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  1. Hi! I'm trying to figure out the best way to send automated messages to active recurring customers. I will be selling one product, either as a single purchase product or as a subscription. Within Squarespace I have created two products as it seems the only way to give customer the choice between a subscription or a single purchase. I want to send automated e-mails to customers who are on active recurring plans (so not to people who cancelled already). Does anyone have any tips on how to do this? With the Squarespace automations, it is possible to send e-mails to people who have purchased the subscription (as I just created 2 different products), however, I wouldn't be able to filter out people who have already cancelled. Or any tips on other platforms that could do the same? I have been looking at Mailchimp, but I wouldn't know how to create an active subscriber field... Thanks!
  2. Hi! Thanks for reading this thread. To validate a startup idea, I would like to create a fake check-out process to run a so-called Wizard of Oz Test (or Smoke Test or whatever you would like to call it!). I would like people to put stuff in their carts, go to the checkout and stop them as late as possible with a message "Sorry! We're not ready yet, but sign-up for launch discounts." What I've done so far is nice but not good enough. I have set up the commerce side of things, removed the cart icon from the top bar and replaced it with a button saying "check-out". That leads to a page where people are notified that this is just a test. What's actually missing on that page is the cart content and that makes the test not good enough. Does anyone here have any thoughts on whether it's possible to push this experiment a bit further? Is there anyway to change the links behind buttons in the checkout? Or does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks a lot! And yes, the person that comes up with the best idea gets these launch vouchers!
  3. I've been using Squarespace for two days now and this is the 3rd issue I'm running into that seems basic functionality that would save heaps of time and just isn't there while many people are requesting for it... How can this not be a feature? Just like having separate header images per category and putting a link behind images in simple lists... I guess I'll find 3 more issues today!
  4. I have been spending some time to also figure out whether you can customise category pages by having different images and different copy. I guess it's still not possible out of the box? (highly frustrating!)
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