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  1. Dear Glyn, thank you very much for your answer. We've taken on board your advice to record conversions via Analytics and have now set up a new thank you page that records visits as conversions. We've then imported that Analytics Goal into Ads and will see how it performs. I assume that means we can now delete the conversion triggers from our Google Tag Manager? We'll need to keep Google Tag script on the web for the Conversion Linker (I assume?). Is there, in your opinion, any benefit to having a single Google Tag script on the page versus having a separate script for Google Ads and an additional Google Tag script for the Conversion Linker? I'd like to reduce the amount of overhead we have in terms of cookies and scripts on the web. Your help has been absolutely amazing because we're a small company and I'd love to buy you a beverage of your choice in some way! 🙂 Best, Lovro
  2. Site URL: https://www.machina.academy/ Hello everyone! We're struggling to setup our Google Tag Manager with Squarespace so it works as intended. We are using Squarespace Version 7.0 Our intended sales funnel is simple. Google Ads leads to our product pages which then link to our sign-up page (https://www.machina.academy/upis) - sorry it's in Croatian. The sign-up page generates an e-mail which leads to our main inbox. The problem we're having is that Google Ads reports conversions which we don't see in our inbox. Our setup so far is as follows: 1) Google Ads has a a single active (Recording) conversion which is in the Contact category and is set up to count Every conversion. 2) Google Tag manger has a Google Ads Conversion Tracking tag and the Conversion Linker tag set up. The Conversion Linker is set up to trigger on All Pages. The trigger for the Google Ads Conversion Tracking is Form Submission which is set up to trigger on Some Forms which has the Page URL containing https://www.machina.academy/upis. 3) Squarespace is set up with appropriate header and footer code injection with the Google Tag manager (both have corresponding google IDs) and an additional Global Site Tag for Google Ads in the header for every page. Can anyone point out any obvious mistake we've done in the setup? Thanks, Lovro
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