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  1. Hello everyone, I have three types of appointments. Two of them are public (in one calendar) and one of them is private (in another calendar). Appointment One: 45 minutes with 30 minutes padding after Appointment Two: 60 minutes with 30 minutes padding after Appointment Three: 45 minutes with 45 minutes padding after Appointment One and Two starts at 12:15 and ends at 3:00 (availability is set up this way) and Appointment Three starts at 3:30 on the same day. Maximum appointments are set up as "Accept appointments until fully booked" So, how can I have 2 appointments between 12:15 and 3:00 for those two appointments (one and two)? When I tested out, even if I select 12:15 first, then this day is not showing up available when I tried to make another appointment. Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone, I connected Zoom. It creates new meetings when appointments are scheduled. When I check my Zoom account, I see those meetings in the meetings tab. However, those appointments are webinars because Zoom meetings and Zoom webinars are different things. So, my question is how to create Zoom webinars when appointments are scheduled? Thanks!
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