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  1. Nop ! Ever wanted a solution from the first day.
  2. Mhhh Im not sure at the moment but If you want it, let me know πŸ™‚ I have to resolve the question & learning a lot of css before that Hope @tuanphan are my man
  3. Thanks ! Appreciate it. Im proud about all the hours I spend on it πŸ™‚
  4. Hello ! I have worked on it all the day & it work perfectly but I have some issue. How can i put this part on the top - Like on the photo ? & I think I have broken something because my Squarespace app don’t work perfectly. It show me on all page Β« network error Β» can you help me ? Link : https://untenable-twentythree.squarespace.com/ Pass : twentythree
  5. Hello ! I love the floating menu button from Nicole website, can someone make this ? Or where can I found these? Thanks !
  6. Thanks for the code, but I can't open the product on the title. & it's possible to add a blur background with a custom size/font title ? Thanks !
  7. Hey ! It would be awesome if this code work on 7.0 because I need it on my blog grid list but, I dont find a similar code for. Can you help me ?
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