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  1. Site URL: https://octopus-tiger-ebkk.squarespace.com/config/commerce/inventory I don't seem to grok this. I add my product ID to this CSV file, and it tells me upon uploadto page Product not found Make sure product id was not edited I am importing all new product, of course it is not found, I guess, I dunno
  2. You sure did, I didn't even realize you had a link there and I went searching myself. Good looking out!
  3. OK I've trial selected Jotter press as my template, get to store page and I don't see any way to import the CSS file. I've attached a screenshot of the files just to give an iddea of what im looking for and I have a css file ready to import. I need a solution, no way I enter 1000 items by hand one by one.
  4. Hi, While I love graphics, I am looking for a template with less frills and more disposed to handle large volume of items. i do have them all in an excel database and would love to port the database Which would be the best template for me. I need to list 1 item part belongs to- 2 part number 3 description- 4 price Not necessary but would consider -number of pieces in stock -photo of part I plan on listing possibly 800-1000 different parts Thanks in advance
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