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  1. Just in case the reply only works this way, response above:
  2. Of course, here's the link to the first product: https://americasgotjokes.org/our-products-1/p/design-no-1 It looks fine on the web, but on mobile, you can only see the middle part of the image. I would like it to show the whole shirt and the entierty of the next image as well. This is the case for all of the products on mobile. Let me know if you need a screenshot! This is less pressing, but I would also love to round the image corners on the mobile version of the product page, so far I haven't found any code that works. Thank you for replying so soon!
  3. Site URL: https://americasgotjokes.org Hello, I am currently trying to resize the gallery on each of the products on my product page. Right now, on mobile, the image is cut off, and I'd like for the gallery to show the whole shirt, not just the joke. The PW is College2019!
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