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  1. HI @tuanphan, I managed to get the buttons aligned using the following code: //Get in touch button alligned - LP// #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1629452287213_11327 {height: 5rem;} #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1629452287213_70644 {height: 5rem;} #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1629452287213_83794 {height: 5rem;}
  2. Hi @tuanphan, hope you are well! I am having some issues with the contact "get in touch block" on my landing page and the buttons not being leveled on different screens. I duplicated the block and used one long spacer which seemed to help with getting the buttons to be leveled, however when looking from mobile view the buttons where not underneath the respective text. Is there another solution? The first two images I have attached are off the current block layout, I changed the background colour in the second image so you can see how lines have been used to make the layout. The 3rd & 4th image is off a draft block ive created with the spacer and how it appears in mobile view. The last images are examples of how on certain screen sizes they are not level. You can view the live url here: www.wolfandbadgerstudios.com
  3. Hi @tuanphan is there a way to target specific text blocks to be justified or certain pages/sections, the centered text layout looks messy. I used the below codes but they did not work: Use this code to justify text blocks on a specific page #collection-id { text-align: justify; } Use this code to justify text blocks in a specific section (Squarespace 7.1) #collection-id { #page .page-section:nth-of-type(1) { text-align: justify; } } Use this code to justify a specific text block #blockidnumber { text-align: justify; }
  4. Hi @tuanphan, apologies for the delay! this has worked, thank you so much!
  5. https://www.wolfandbadgerstudios.com/team-members
  6. Hi, I found an issue with the summary block that when allowing more than 15 blog posts on the carousel the entire summary block shifts across to the right hand side causing a large gap on the right hand side of the page. I then reduced the amount to 15 and it was centered on desktop, however I have just realised that on Ipad the issue is still happening and the page is not resizing itself correctly. Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I have attached screenshots.
  7. Hi @tuanphan the link through is currently taking me through to a blog page with the related team members to that service (through service tags I have added) For now I have made the heading "RELATED CREATIVES" However it would be great if I could make the link through to take you to the service page rather than the blog page.
  8. Hi, I am wanting to create a custom link through for a blog delimeter, is this possible? I have attached an image to reference.
  9. Hi, I am having some issues with the summary block, when increasing the number of blogs/items being displayed the block moves off center to the right causing a large gap throughout the page. However when I change the number of items back down to 10 there is no issue and it goes back to the center, is there a way to combat this as I I have a large amount of block content I would like to display on the carousel. Has anyone else experienced this problem who might have a solution? I have attached some screenshots for reference.
  10. Hi @tuanphan, I am wanting to have the bottom two logos in the same sizing and positioning as the logos above it in the attached image.
  11. Hi @tuanphan, above code has not changed the layout of the bottom two logos.
  12. Hi @tuanphan it has just been extended through customer support.
  13. @tuanphan marlin-gecko-mcny.squarespace.com Password: 123456789!
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