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  1. Gotcha. Great tip too @amonmin on the cropping that some templates display. That's one reason why I needed my code as it makes the video responsive and fills the banner without the black outline.
  2. @munocreative Look at lines 5-8. Different. You even acknowledged on your blog that you "fixed" the code. If anything, you looked at the code on my website and used that code to fix yours.
  3. Yes, deleting all the comments on your blog @munocreative helps your case. I have hundreds of videos that I've created for my courses. The video in question is only one.
  4. I personally spent 100's of hours creating the courses on my sqsp.guru website...as well as months trying to figure out this video banner solution. I finally gave up, and hired someone to create the solution for me. My solution works...the solution shared by @munocreative does not work. Look at the comments on his blog. People are stating that the banner video code does not work. Therefore if my code was the exact same code...my code wouldn't work either.
  5. @munocreative judging by the comments on your blog post, your code didn't work for the banners. The code in my course does work.
  6. Just because you can figure it out @cro0w doesn't mean everyone can. Using your logic Lynda.com wouldn't be a viable platform. @munocreative and many of the top contributors in this forum are providing free help to build brand awareness. Nothing wrong with that of course, but their hope is that someone will hire them to help with a Squarespace project. Lots of people are happy to pay for my course. What are you good at? Make a course about it and sell it!
  7. @munocreative I didn't realize I had posted immediately after your posts. I apologize for that. As for the code, I'm not a programmer so I hired that out. If the guy I hired did use your code, I will take my posts down. By the way, it's not illegal to use code shared in forums. If you don't want your code to be used by others, don't share it. Place a copyright in the code, or ask for attribution if you do decide to share in a forum. If I wanted to copy your code and sell it as my own I would have done so a long time ago.
  8. I've got better things to do than deal with trolls. @silvabokis so many of your posts on this forum are passive aggressive and borderline rude. @munocreative, I'll look into the code being copied. I'm not a programmer...and I didn't generate the code I'm using in my course. At the end of the day, does it really matter? You guys are making a living building websites. I'm not. I make my living convincing people that Squarespace is awesome, and then teaching them how to use the software. Then if/when they can't do it themselves, they can hire you. Goodness.
  9. @jasonbarone is this essentially a promoted block placing the video in the banner header?
  10. @silvabokis @munocreative common web knowledge is not something you can throw around accusations of plagiarism. You are free to create a course and sell it too.
  11. @silvabokis my course isn't a rehash of the solutions offered in this forum. The free solutions presented are either incomplete, buggy, do not show how to autoplay or loop the video or simply don't work at all. The only other person I've seen that has successfully implemented video backgrounds properly is @alanhouser, and his answer included hiring him (not free). Time is money, I would have gladly paid $25 to avoid dozens of hours of trial/error chasing solutions down rabbit holes.
  12. Does anyone have any tips on how to use design interactions with Squarespace? Design interactions are subtle animations that take place on the page triggered by scrolling to a certain point on the page. See here. Squarespace has some sort of design interactions on almost all their new pages...and the Jeff Bridges website does too. How are they doing this? Can't figure it out...can anyone point me in the right direction?
  13. Not without the developer platform, and not without a pretty advanced understanding of json/javascript...and really you would need access to the database to define this and that. Which is something I have yet to figure out how to do! I don't think the developer platform opens up access enough to the data needed. I could be wrong though! Also anytime you see a "yui" and a string of numbers, you need to know those change dynamically on each page load.
  14. That's a great idea Madison! Thanks for sharing! If I can't get the hidden fields to map easily, then I'll use your method until I figure out the segmenting thing! :)
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