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  1. SO SO disappointed!! I spent all week dealing with customer service building my boutique with tons of different items, both taxable and non taxable. Squarespace basically ignored the fact they id be screwed when it came time for me to look into organizing sales tax! yay!!!! Today I learned that you cannot do product category specific sales tax! So, say you have a sale in Mass, Vermont, or the other clothing exempt states, that consisted of a flower vase and tee shirt there is no way to tax only on of those items. A HUGE OVER SIGHT that makes it impossible to run a fully legal business that has multiple varieties of goods. so sad because I love Squarespace designs. They just released a beta auto tax but no use to anyone who sells different types of products or services. Also, a fun fact , you need to literally manually enter every state and the tax rate on the back end if you want things proper, and each zip code if you really want things on point. Such a huge oversight and it should be better mentioned before wasting peoples time. Currently waiting on line in the chat, since they do not have a phone service, so that I can switch to Shopify. so sad, actually crying as I type this!
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