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  1. Hi @paul2009! It seems the screen reader skips it altogether. Thank you for you help! Claire *EDIT: I heard back from one of our customers and it seems now that I've moved the button to the top of the page and left aligned that it works now! Phew! Thank you so much for your help! Just out of curiosity though, do you know if it is actually possible to do what I originally was looking for?
  2. Site URL: https://www.making-stories.com/easyread/issue-5-easy-read Hi! I'm trying to create an accessible page on our website for non and partial sighted customers to use when purchasing our new easy read version of our magazine, but I'm having some issues. Ideally, to add the product to cart they need a link at the top of the page instead of the usual button. If I'm unable to convert the button into just a link, it there a way I can create a link that I can include as well, as this would be picked up by a screen reader. The template we're using is Brine 7.0. Thank you! Claire
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