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  1. Worked an absolute charm, thank you so much for your help!
  2. Site URL: https://blackbird-bagpipe-r9gf.squarespace.com/ page url is currently https://blackbird-bagpipe-r9gf.squarespace.com/ Underneath the header, the text that says "it's pronounced rasheed" I have tried and failed in this design endeavour. What I'm trying to do is get that text to be positioned much higher, much closer to the page title. I've looked in the spacing and font settings under 'Site Styles' but I can't find any options that can adjust the spacing in just this single instance. Thank you very much for any advice you can offer me. As a bonus, if it's possible, I'm hoping to style that font differently. The only way I found to do this was to set it as 'paragraph 1' which isn't in use anywhere else on the site, and then change the global font size for 'paragraph 1'. This fix isn't ideal because it changes the whole global setting, and also I wasn't able to increase the letter spacing here, I just did a botch by adding more spaces in between the characters.
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