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  1. How do i change the font size of these titles in mobile only? it seems like its using heading 3 but the codes i found in the internet does not do much. Thanks
  2. Site URL: https://www.righetto.lt/ I would like the hand icon (clickable) to not appear at all when i hover on interior folder drop down. Is it possible to do with css? I looked around the forum and the codes I found did not work for me Thanks a lot
  3. https://wolverine-lime-s87k.squarespace.com/residential is it possible to do without code?
  4. Site URL: https://wolverine-lime-s87k.squarespace.com/ The problem with grid-overlay is that you basically never see overlay on touch device - i thought maybe its possible to add a css code that enables the project title underneath the image like a regular grid-simple layout? Password: test Thanks a lot
  5. Site URL: https://www.interjeroakcentai.lt/ Hello, after failing to use successfully ecommerce in squarespace we rebuilt just the store on another platform and want to link as a subdomain from this one, however, the button is a bit too standing out - its ok for the rest of the site but not for navigation bar - is it possible to change the styling so it looks more like the rest of the navigation bar but is in that position - ideally coming before the social links? Thanks
  6. Under the color styles I find a place to change all font colors except miscellaneous ones which I use for main text. I want it to make it grey or just add opacity so it greys out a bit but i cant find a place to do it. How would i do it in css? Thanks for help
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