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  1. I have made the website public again the url is: https://www.roydenniessigns.com/
  2. If you could also help with the 'services' and 'gallery' page title and subheading size that would be great
  3. Yes please, Is there a way to change the code to make the banner look like the images I have displayed above? Thank you in advance
  4. Yes I would like them to be displayed in portrait and zoomed in like the examples above please Thank you
  5. Sorry for the confusion, the images didn't upload. I have posted them in the this reply. Thank you for your continued help.
  6. That's great thank you for your help Would we be able to alter the code for it to appear like the images I have posted above please? I have edited the original post and added two images to show how I would like the banners to be displayed, please let me know if you can help Thank you in advance
  7. Site URL: https://www.roydenniessigns.com/ Hi I am currently creating a website for my workplace, I have almost finished the site but unfortunately I am having trouble with the website banners in tablet and mobile view. I was hoping that someone would be able to help me with a custom code to make the banner fit in mobile and tablet, I would also like the banner images to be displayed in portrait. Edit - I have added two images of how I would like the banners to appear in mobile view, if you can help me achieve this it would be much appreciated Thank you in advance.
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