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  1. Can anyone help with code to make it so that all of the video lessons on my member site automatically pick up wherever the member last paused them? Thank you! 🙏🤞
  2. Hi @tuanphan thank you very much for your response and this offer. However, it isn't making a change.
  3. @tuanphan Thank you very much! This works! It's just a little confusing for users because the accordion down content won't show unless they click more than once. If there's a fix for that, it would be much appreciated. But, I am happy to have some sort of solution regardless! 🙏 🙏 🙏
  4. Hi @tuanphan thank you very much for your reply. I figured out a workaround by toggling the option to hide the pricing plan I don't want to display on the paywall, and then creating an unlinked page with a digital product block for the other pricing plan. I don't need help with this anymore, but thanks again for your responsiveness (here and on other threads). 🙏
  5. Hi @tuanphan thank you. Here is an example of one of the pages where I would like to make this fix https://www.wiseheartpdx.org/mcd-competencies-5-6-recognizing-managing-reactivity
  6. Hello, Can anyone please help me with CSS to hide the second pricing plan shown here? (I am having to add additional pricing plans as a workaround because I am already offering a free first month, and Squarespace will not allow for combining this with a % off monthly discount thereafter 😭)
  7. Hi, I have this same question. Was there an answer?
  8. @tuanphan Thank you ~ yes I do still need help! You are seeing that nav because you are still logged in to my member site, and I have the login/account item hidden due to its problematic location. You can instead use this page to sign out of my member site: https://www.wiseheartpdx.org/sign-out (click "Account Settings" on the account panel that opens). Before clicking "Account Settings" you will also see that all of the pages you've helped me to hide from the nav are still shown under the "Pages" area. Can you help me to hide them from this panel also? Regardless of being signed out, however, you will still not see the login item I'm wanting help with because I currently have it disabled due to its problematic location.
  9. Hi again @tuanphan thank you very much for your help with my other question re hiding items in member nav. Just following up here, still having this issue and wanting to solve it ~ wondering if there's additional support you can provide. Thanks again 🙏
  10. Thank you so very much! This worked 🙏🙏🙏🙌🥳
  11. @tuanphan Thank you so much for your help ~ I feel hopeful seeing that this is possible 🙏 However, I do need nth child 19, 28, 37, and 46 to be visible. The rest >19 I want to hide. Can you please help with adjusting the CSS for this? I tried on my own but was unsuccessful...
  12. ...also, I want them not to show on the account menu (attached)
  13. @tuanphan Hi, thank you ~ there is a free sign up option on the page https://www.wiseheartpdx.org/member-site-home Also, here is a screenshot
  14. @tuanphan https://www.wiseheartpdx.org/member-site-home I would like to hide all of the 32 courses that say "Couples Part 1: _____," "Couples Part 2: _____," "Couples Part 3: _____," and "Couples Part 4: _____." Thanks for your help 🙏
  15. Hi, none of this is working for me... Looking to hide a course from the members area navigation... Any ideas? Thanks!
  16. @tuanphan Thank you very much for your support. However, I do want the flex-wrap function. I see it overflowing the screen as you mentioned, and that is not really a workable fix imo. Are you able to instead suggest CSS to bring the Login/Account link more toward center? Also, ultimately, I'd love to have it appear as a button-- see the attached example (created in a graphic design program)-- though I see there are other threads I could probably go to for figuring that part out.
  17. @tuanphan the issue is the CSS I am using so that my main navigation shows in one long row: @media(min-width: 768px){.header-layout-branding-center-nav-center .header-title-nav-wrapper {width: 100% !important; flex: 0 0 100% !important; }} (See attached image for what happens when I remove this code.) I would like to have all my navigation items showing in a single row AND I would like the login/account item to show either in that same row or at least somewhere else in the header where it is not cut off. Thank you for any help you may provide 🙏
  18. Hi @tuanphan thank you for your attention. No, I do not mean that item. (If you look at my first message, you will see an explanation of the login item your arrow indicates.) The attached screenshot shows what happens when I choose to show the account login feature. This is the item which I am looking for help with. Thanks again 🙏
  19. @tuanphan Thank you ~ it is https://www.wiseheartpdx.org/
  20. @melody495 Thanks for responding and trying to provide help. Your suggestion does not resolve my issue. I want the Login/Account item to show in line as a part of the main navigation. Or, I want it to show directly under the announcement bar and off to the right. Instead, it is showing in the middle of the header area, off to the right side. When I remove the code, yes, it stops being pushed off to the right so far that it is cut off, but it is still in an awkward random position because it is in the middle of the header while my menu is at the bottom of the header. I am essentially looking for CSS which will display the Login/Account feature as a part of the main navigation. I don't want to just add it as a link in the main navigation, because I do want it to do the automatic change from reading as "Login" to "Account" once someone has logged in.
  21. Hi, please view an example of my issue here: https://share.squarespace.com/qGuBdngP (I have currently deactivated this from appearing on my site.) Squarespace has informed me that this is happening due to other CSS I have added to my site. Can anyone help with providing CSS to make the Login show as a normal part of the site's menu instead of way to the side and cut off? Or, I'd be happy if it could show in the top right corner under the banner. Just not in the wonky place it is. (Note that I also have a different login menu option which shows within my menu currently. It links to my current learning platform which I am planning to phase out once I have finished building a Squarespace member site instead.) Thank you! 🙏🙏🙏
  22. I'm also still having this issue despite having tried @gwen's solution; Squarespace cleared my site's cache, and I cleared my own cache but it is still happening. Any further suggestions or help here? @creedon
  23. Thanks. Yeah, I tried that but unfortunately the yellow shading extends out farther than you'd think. I ended up with a slight square around the image defined by the yellow shading ending.
  24. ...fyi anyone else using this thread: When I changed the background using the code above .sqs-announcement-bar-url then the text disappeared and I also couldn't change the text color. But when I used the code .sqs-announcement-bar nothing happened. The solution was to change the background using the code .sqs-announcement-bar and add !important. At that point my text reappeared and I was able to change its color as usual in the site styles area without additional code.
  25. @christyprice Thanks. Here's what I ended up using that worked better. .Mobile-bar.Mobile-bar--top { background-image: url('url_of_my_uploaded_image_here'); background-repeat:no-repeat; background-size:cover; background-position: center;} Combined your .Mobile-bar.Mobile-bar--top suggestion with background image CSS for desktop from insidethesquare.co
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