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  1. Hi, still not fixed. On laptop they are aligned, but past a certain pixel screen width it misaligns to the left or right.
  2. Yes sir, exactly that! Any help on the matter would be amazing!
  3. Hi Tuanphan My site is now live: https://www.africanfuturesinstitute.com/ The issue still remains the same though. Any help would be much appreciated!
  4. My website still isn't live yet, is it possible to still share?
  5. Hi there, Is it possible to lock the header and logo to a certain position? At a certain media width, I have the logo and header aligned to the perfect position (see attached photo). However if it scales up or down, these shift and gaps scale proportionally. Is it possible to keep the "About Us" always aligned to the left edge of the photo below? And at the same time, to always keep the Logo the same distance from the "About Us". Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you, Lucca
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