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  1. Thank you! @tuanphan For Q2 it is 4 icons. One would link to the very first page, two would be "previous page" "next page" and the last one would link to the latest page. This is an example of a website using it https://www.larkandwren.com/woven/2020/2/11/chapter4-pg15 But I think this is something I'll need to hire a web developer/designer for. Could you also tell me know to line up the text on the bottom and decrease the padding between the image and pagination?
  2. Site URL: https://lexiramos.com/comic Hello, I'm not sure if this is even possible but is there a way to change the layout/order of the buttons with how they appear on mobile? I want them to mirror how they look on the desktop version or at least have "first page" and "latest page" on the same row along with "Next page" "Previous page" on the bottom. I've been trying to make the blog page look more like the webcomic format. Mobile view: Desktop View: And bonus question, is there a way to create navigation that is similar to the image below, with a buttons linking to the first "blog" page, another linking to the latest and then having "previous" and "next" arrows all lined up in a row? Everything I have right now is just from me lurking on the forums and trying to piece together something that mimics a webcomic layout. I have no background/knowledge of css so I have no idea if this type of navigation works in squarespace.
  3. Site URL: https://lexiramos.com/comic Hello, I am trying to decrease the spacing between the page navigation and where the image starts.
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