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  1. @bangank36 do you recommend I start with a specific template? I am not sure how to approach this and where to put the custom code: position: sticky; position: -webkit-sticky; top: 0; Sorry, I am not a developer so any additional help is much appreciated! Shane
  2. @bangank36 Thank you. Where in SS do I out this code once I designed my sections? In the advanced>code injection>header? Or in custom CSS? Also I love your portfolio hover effect. I'll be sure to purchase that! Shane
  3. Were you ever able to achieve this? I am looking to do sonething similar like I saw in this site: https://clar.dev/fr/ Shane
  4. Thanks @creedon I will give it a shot!
  5. Thanks @creedon Great point. I will start with a 7.1 site. I'm not a developer so I am going in relatively blind on this. I'm just not sure how to custom the sticky bottom effect. Shane
  6. Site URL: https://clar.dev/fr Hi! I wanted to see if an effect was doable in SS templates (maybe Brine?). I want to replicate this parallax effect in the example site, specifically the overlap in sections going from the blue section to the green (see attachment). Any help is much appreciated! Kindly, Shane
  7. Site URL: https://clar.dev/fr Hi! I am about to jump in to create a site, but I am not sure if a parallax effect I want to do is even possible. I want to create sections that "roll" on to each other like the blue and green section in the example site: https://clar.dev/fr My site is a background and text-based site, so there is no imagery. I was looking at something like the Brine template, but it seems as though the parallax relies on imagery in the BG. Any help is much appreciated! @creedon, maybe you know? -Shane
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