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  1. The postal codes options is for US and Canada. Unfortunately I am in Australia but ill keep my eyes open in case they add it in future!
  2. Well I have just noticed SQSP just added a built in pick up option!
  3. Hey thank you for your reply. For some reason I completely missed it sorry... I have now added a pick up in store option but I can only restrict to my country, not by state or postcodes? how do you do it? best regards, VJO
  4. Excellent thank you so much !!
  5. https://fancythatinglewood.com.au/shop/p/kfs3t7mi9psk0912u1haxlnc8b9b77
  6. Lol sorry! I works really well now I’m happy and I didn’t have to change the 200px. It’s just not displaying under other products? Is it normal?
  7. Site URL: https://fancythatinglewood.com.au Hello, All items in my shop will include the Standard Post cost (by weight) in their price (in Australia only) however I also want to add an In-Store pickup option. to be fair onto the customers I wanted to deduct the shipping cost by weight at checkout if they clicked the pickup in store option, so they don’t pay for Standard Post that they don’t need. i cannot enter a negative amount for the ‘depending by weight’ option! Any way around that? Best, VJO
  8. Works perfectly on mobile. Hasn’t worked on desktop/tablet.
  9. Thanks Tuan, the image is displaying now. However it’s need to be fit to screen for both mobiles and desktop. What is the code I need to add for that? Thanks the answer probably lies in the footer code for images as when I had it in the footer originally the image would reduce and made fit to screen on mobiles or whatever the device was.
  10. Hi Tuan, It says there is a syntax error with: (The very first line of code) also I’m not sure what you are trying to show me on the screenshot you attached? ‘Thanks, VJO
  11. I’d probably prefer having it justified problem is it’s not doing it when I add justify-content: center; but anything that makes the display more pleasant/aesthetic is welcome.
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