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  1. Thanks but I got it working already, thanks to @bangank36!
  2. Site URL: https://bulldog-oriole-mnxr.squarespace.com Hi! @IXStudio Im fairly new to Squarespace and was trying to create a typewriter effect to a text on my site but wasnt quite able to get it running. Tho Im not quite sure why it doesnt work, I wondered if it needs a higher tier subscribtion? I currently have the cheapest one. I have tried every way I can think of, and now Im stuck. Site password: coco Thanks!
  3. Site URL: https://www.code-shop.co/ Hey! I stumbled upon this website (the url is not my website). If you scroll down to the very bottom, right before newsletter sign up is a cool rolling animation with the companys social media accounts linked in it. I really like this and would like something similar on my own site, but how do I make one? I tried understanding the css but could not wrap my head around it since I have not used css for too long. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
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