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  1. Hello, my website still isnt live yet, still finishing it off. Does it have to be live in order to see it or can it be viewed in draft format.....thank you for your assistance
  2. Hello, no still cant find a way to achieve this
  3. should have added I want to use a gallery background with colour so the images sit in the gallery with no border and only have a border in lightbox
  4. I have managed to create a responsive filter for the images in my gallery. On filtering the images and then opening them in lightbox, the full array of images are displayed when cycling through. Is it possible once the filter is applied and then lightbox opened to display only the filtered images as it defeats the purpose of the filter in the first place if all the images are displayed and not just the filtered ones
  5. Currently working on a site in SQSP 7.0 and setting up images in Gallery using a simple grid with the images displaying in an aspect ratio of 1:1. I want to use images with no borders for uniformity in the gallery but have them appear in Lightbox with a white border around them so they stand out from the dark background in Lightbox when opened to their normal size. Is this something that can be achieved through the use of CSS
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