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  1. @tuanphan hi, no worries! i'm kind of ready to give up on the underline thing since nothing i've done so far has worked. but who knows, maybe you'll have a solution! this is what my navigation links looks like: this is what it looks like when i hover on a non-active page: this is what it looks like if i happen to hover on the active page: as you can see, the text (in this case, "projects") turns black as expected, but the underline marking it as the active page remains red. i was just hoping it could turn black along with the text. -- as for all the other issues, i've currently done literally 0 work on reformatting the website for mobile hahah (i'm probably not even halfway done with the desktop)! i really appreciate the list though, it will give me a place to start once i get to that. hopefully you'll still be willing to help me out with some of those issues by the time i get around to fixing them :-)
  2. I'm on Version 7.1 and I wasn't able to find that option so far 😞 My (under construction) website is https://manumuniz.com (password: manu); the page I was hoping to include that feature is https://manumuniz.com/photography, so that when you click one of the images it opens a gallery on a lightbox. Hope I was able to properly explain what I'm visualizing, but let me know if you'd like me to clarify.
  3. Yes, that's what I had in mind. I was hoping for a slideshow gallery, but even a grid would work. Do you know what plugin would work? Sorry, I've only done CSS so far and am pretty unfamiliar with how plugins work.
  4. Hi everyone! Feel like this is a veeeeeery long shot, but is there any way to create a lightbox gallery? As in, I add a button to a page and when you click it a lightbox opens up with a full gallery to go through. Details that don't really matter but might inspire an alternative for someone reading this: I just don't want that button to lead to a different page; I wanted my photography portfolio to be split into categories (e.g. portrait, landscape, etc.) with easy navigation between those categories. Thanks!
  5. @bangank36 Ok! Will give it another shot. Thanks!
  6. @bangank36 But what CSS should I use then? I've already tried the anchor link one but maybe I got the exact wording wrong.
  7. Hi! Is there any CSS to create an anchor link to a specific block within a section? Not to a section in that page; I have a lot of blocks in one sections and wanted to create an index that can link to the specific block it refers to rather than a different section. Thanks!
  8. @tuanphan Hmm, that's not exactly what I meant, let me try to explain it better. The navigation links are all red, and the active one is underlined. When I hover over the other items, they turn black, but if I happen to hover over the active link, the words turn black but the underline remains red. Is there a way to fix that so that the entire thing turns black?
  9. Hmm all I can think of at the moment is https://www.chiaraluzzana.com/work. Obviously this is much more complex website, with the little animation, and that's not something I was looking for, just the way the lines divide each number. In https://www.manumuniz.com/projects (password: manu) I wanted to add some sort of line between the images.
  10. Hi! I was wondering if there's any CSS to add line "dividers" between images in a gallery section. Thanks!
  11. Yes! https://www.manumuniz.com (the password is manu), but since it's under construction I think the only page where you'll be able to see the problem is https://www.manumuniz.com/work
  12. Hi! My navigation links are red and fade to black on hover. The active link is underlined. However, I can't figure out how to make the underline turn black as well when hovering; it remains red. Anyone know of any CSS that could help with that? Thanks.
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