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  1. Site URL: https://www.oakpw.com/ Hello everyone, so I have this website oakpw.com. I use SEM Rush, a tool we use to measure the effectiveness of SEO on a website. I have 11 pages that it keeps coming back with that are being blocked from crawling. I’m not exactly sure how to fix this issue. I’m not a Squarespace expert, but I do know how to navigate through the CMS and such. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! Here are the pages: https://www.oakpw.com/blog?author=5af0df24a5fcaca83655a608 https://www.oakpw.com/blog?author=5b2bb0f57d062df873442174 https://www.oakpw.com/blog?author=5c3f5345cd8366be4a31befb https://www.oakpw.com/blog?offset=1531167609281&reversePaginate=true https://www.oakpw.com/blog?offset=1551795209376&reversePaginate=true https://www.oakpw.com/blog?offset=1587671897285&reversePaginate=true https://www.oakpw.com/blog?offset=1590162020486&reversePaginate=true https://www.oakpw.com/blog?offset=1591209025560&reversePaginate=true https://www.oakpw.com/blog?offset=1596127745466&reversePaginate=true https://www.oakpw.com/blog?offset=1600183874487&reversePaginate=true https://www.oakpw.com/cart
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