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  1. Site URL: http://ollieandme.com.au Hi Guys, I am needing some help i have been trying to figure this out for ages, the text on my order confirmation page is there i can see it when I highlight but its not visible i am assuming as its white on a white background ? I cant work out how to change the colour of this font to make it visible, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Kate
  2. Site URL: http://ollieandme.com.au Hello, opinions welcome on my new website, this is the first website I have ever done so all feedback welcome. Thanks Kate
  3. Site URL: http://ollieandme.com.au Hello i am trying to create a product variant that only shows when a certain selection is made, is this possible ? For Example Size: Medium & Large Custom Text: Yes / No If yes is selected in custom text then another drop down will display listing the text colour options. and a custom form will pop up to enter the name. If no is selected it will enable the customer to head straight to the checkout. Its the last part of my website and I cant work it out, its driving me crazy. Thanks Kate
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