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  1. hi both, thank you - i will get in touch with Squarespace customer support and update here if i have any progress alex it happens when trying to edit any page
  2. Site URL: https://straight8.net Hi, (sorry if this is wrong forum, couldn't see a tech issues one) Frequently, when I try and make updates to our website it tries for about 5 mins, then fails with: Request failed with status code 502 My internet is served over a 4G+ Router via Vodafone in the UK. It is fast and reliable with all other websites. There are no problems on non-Squarespace website we manage via HTTPS / FTP / SSH and there are no problems streaming to YouTube, using Zoom or uploading to cloud storage over the 4G uplink. The router is not the issue, as the problem persists when tethering to my mobile phone. Clearing cache / private window / changing browser doesn't help. Vodafone have assured me there is no securenet or firewall. Domain shows as connected in the SS panel with SSL enabled, as per this help guide. + none of these tips help. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, Alex
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