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  1. appreciate your response. Yes, I have tried the live chat and hope this gets sorted. Will update. thanks
  2. Absolutely contact fb and instagram and ask them specifically what issue did they face? They need to provide reason.
  3. I think this looks like a technical issue. Would be good to contact their team.
  4. My pop up is definitely for my lead magnet in exchange for email. Its a great way to just remind them to get it when they are on your site.
  5. Your website looks great. Just a few things I would look at is more buttons and call to action. You want people to be directed immediately to your content/product. Make sure to add your portfolio links on the home page preferably on the top. Add more info about yourself, adds a personal touch.
  6. Site URL: https://www.hanzlearningsolutions.com/ I have tried reaching the squarespace customer service atleast 3 times and havent heard back yet, does anyone else have this issue? Is there a way to reach the customer service besides email?
  7. Totally with you, I have tried reaching the customer service but no response yet, I can get back to you if i get to know as well. www.hanzlearningsolutions.com
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