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  1. Oh thank you 🙂 Tuscany, Venice, Italy- Other Regions, France, Russia, US and Caribbean, Canada.
  2. This is great!! So helpful. I have managed to get everything to work 🙂 One final question. Is there any way to arrange the categories so that they don't appear alphabetically?
  3. Thanks! Yes, the category is removed but I also would like to remove the content. 🙂
  4. Okay! thanks. The site is https://seonaid-ross-art.squarespace.com and the pw is SRA222
  5. How do I remove the "all" category from my shop. It lists ALL the products and I only want to list by category. I have tried all the code suggestions I could find on here but nothing seems to work. I am using Avenue. Version 7.0. Thanks!
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