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  1. @tuanphan Thank you for this fix! I was wondering if you were able to look into the previous posters question about (1) stacking in mobile and (2) changing the background color of the text half. I am running into the same issue where on mobile the text overlaps the background image, and when I change the background color it remains black in my case. https://heron-snail-244c.squarespace.com/careers-1 Thank you!
  2. Site URL: https://heron-snail-244c.squarespace.com/ Hi all! Ive set my desktop view to collapse into a burger menu when the screen is smaller than 1050px. It works fine unless I scroll at all, in which case the drop down menu is no longer visible when I click the burger. This only happens on desktop, its fine on mobile. Can someone please help? Below is the custom CSS Im using. TIA! Link is: https://heron-snail-244c.squarespace.com/ (not yet published) PW is: N3w$ton3 @media screen and (max-width:1050px) { .header-nav, .header-actions { display: none!important;} .header-burger { display: flex!important;} .header--menu-open .header-menu {opacity: 1; visibility: visible; width:50%} .header-menu .header-menu-nav a {font-size:1.25rem; padding: 0rem} }
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