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  1. Site URL: https://www.daretobegrey.com/home-office-en Hi all, So for a while now, I'm struggling to figure out how to arrange blocks on a page purely for mobile. The block arrangements are fine on desktop, but for two specific pages it leads to a skewed order on mobile. To be specific: For this project we're bundling 5 stories on an index section. Each of 5 stories has its own page with five components, which, on mobile, we'd like to see in the following order: <title> <video> <text> <button> <bubble image> Due to the arrangements for desktop, they're not presented as such for the second and fourth story, where we see the order being: <title> <text> <button> <bubble image> <video> Is there a way to place the video in these sections between the title and the text, in such a way that we can keep the current arrangement for desktop? Maybe good to mention as well that we already have a general, costum code in place that prioritises vertical arrangements to horizontal for mobile.
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