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  1. Site URL: http://www.asparagus-guppy-hlwg.squarespace.com Hello everybody! Sorry if you don't understand precisely what I'm talking about, english isn't my first language. Alright, I'm trying to change my Website from Wix to Squarespace. I have choosen the Template Vance, and I have changed to font of the paragraph to Futura and the headlines to Ambroise. I don't know if this have an impact on why when I leave spaces between lines in my paragraphs, When I want to justify my text, it shows it to me all well and nicely done in the Edit mode. But when I want to see how it would look like online, nothing is where it should be. The text is all over the place, and none of my edit is showed. It's really frustrating! I have linked some screenshots so you can have a peak at what I mean. Am I doing something wrong?
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