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  1. there you go: https://www.bomzis.life/aprbi/p/asmnw3v1oqhl2b9evldmnv9yhnigwr
  2. Oh yes sorry about that i sent you an email with the password also i was looking into changing the empty cart text and found some code but it didnt seem to work for me so if thats something you can help me with that would be amazing too
  3. Site URL: https://www.bomzis.life/ Hello, What im trying to do is translate (replace) the circled text to latvian with CSS. I've managed to find code for the cart title but also wanted to change these but couldnt find any code. Can you help me? I've also found info that there is no way to change the chekout page with custom code so my question is is there any option for me at all to translate it ?
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