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  1. Hey there. I'm new to squarespace and don't know how to code so the best I can do is inject code where necessary by copy and pasting what someone else gives me. That much I know. What I'm trying to do is get some code that will accomplish a few things specifically on the lockscreen. I'm using the bailard template. The most important thing is changing the size of the "body" text on that lock screen. The other thing I'd like to do is for the entire lockscreen (linked background video and all) to initially fade in from black. No idea if that's even possible but it would be cool. On to
  2. I have a site using the Bailard Template. My main navigation links in the header overlap with my background picture in a weird way so what I'd like to do is have four nav links on the left then a space in the middle and the other three links on the right of the header. How do I go about creating this space between these two groups of main nav header links? Any help would be very much appreciated. I can't code but I know how to inject it and alter it a little. Thanks! - Dan
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